Ethical Guidelines

Ethical Review of Research at ISCTE-IUL

ISCTE-IUL has an Ethical Committee that can grant ethical approval for a research project (https://www.iscte-iul.pt/conteudos/research/research-support/807/ethics-committee). Please cc: a member of the CIS Board of Directors on any requests for ethical approval sent to the ethics commission.

In addition, the scientific commission of CIS-IUL is willing to discuss ethics issues or questions members of the Center have. However, it should be recognized that the commission has no official authority on these matters.

We recommend that all research conducted by CIS-IUL members, including students working with CIS-IUL members, have a full description of the method and all measures to be used (including informed consent and debriefing) written before the study is run. These should be kept on file by the researcher and updated if changes to the procedure or materials are made. If students are running projects, they should write this description, which should be kept on file by the responsible CIS-IUL member. CIS-IUL members are responsible for any ethical violations that might occur in projects, including those that are conducted by students who work with them.

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Informed consent and debriefing


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