The CIS-IUL research unit is dedicated to advancement of psychological theory and evidence, social intervention and scientific training.  Our mission is  to advance social psychological theories and models, integrating different levels of analysis and different methodological approaches, to apply strong theory-based approaches in diverse areas of psychology, by developing interventions and supporting public policies anchored in science; and to prioritize the training of students and young researchers, integrating research into teaching at all levels of training.


CIS-IUL currently has 4 research groups:

  • Behavior, Emotion and Cognition (BEC);
  • Community psychology, Education and Development (CED);
  • Health for All: a psychosocial approach to health (H4A);
  • Psychology of societal change: Ψchange (PsyChange). 

An important strength of CIS-IUL is the strong collaboration across research groups, focused on cross-cutting thematic interests

  • Gender, sexualities and intersectionality.
  • Seeds of inclusion - diversity and social justice
  • SCOPE: sustainable communities, organizations and places


Researchers within all of these groups collaborate regularly with national and international scientists from psychology, and other disciplines such as sociology (international surveys, gender), medicine, social ecology, environmental engineering, ecology (environmental assessment studies), biology (facial expression of emotions in primates), architecture and urbanism (psychology of public space). 

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