A Blog as open learning platform for the field of Early Childhood Education about Research and Innovation to support Disadvantaged and Diverse children

Funded by EU
BECERID; 31/12/2017 to 30/12/2020

     Building upon an earlier successful Flemish project (Kleuterblog, KULeuven, Sept. 2014-Aug. 2016) that resulted in a popular blog platform about research and innovation in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC), BECERID (Erasmus + KA2) aims to support both teachers and teacher educators to adopt innovative practices to deal with the topic of diversity in the classroom. The project will launch a blog in each partner country (the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland) on a diversity and social inclusion in ECEC for teacher educators of ECEC teachers and ECEC teachers to increase their knowledge of research-based insights, awareness of social inclusion, and positive attitude towards research and innovation. A European blog platform will be set up in English which serves as an exchange platform between the national blogs.

     The messages on the blogs will be translated to social media platforms that ECEC teachers already use for their own professionalization (e.g. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter) to interact with them and share insights and reflections about research and innovation. The project contributes to high quality ECEC by strengthening the learning community of teachers, teacher educators, and other stakeholders who will gain a better insight into research-based practices and innovations to support disadvantaged and diverse children.

     The key person involved in the project from ISCTE-IUL is Cecília Aguiar, a full member researcher at CIS and assistant professor at Department of Social and Organizational Psychology. Tânia Boavida, a full member at CIS, and two doctoral students, Nadine Correia and Margarida Fialho, are also the part of the BECERID team.








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