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Empty ImageThe Doctoral Program in Psychology at ISCTE-IUL, was created in 2000, and was the first in Portugal to introduce a structured curricular component in addition to an intensive individual research component. Initiated as a program in Social and Organizational Psychology, it broadened to a general Psychology program in 2006 with the implementation of the Bologna Process in Portugal.

The PhD Program in Psychology is hosted by the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology of the School for Social Sciences and Humanities at ISCTE-IUL, but it is also jointly organized with CIS-IUL, as one of its most important activities, and it is associated with ISCTE-IUL’s Laboratory for Social and Organizational Psychology. Synergies between these different partners make the program vibrant, through a dynamic collaborative and stimulating scientific environment, allowing students to develop and strengthen their scientific and academic skills.

The Doctoral Program, which is accredited by the national higher education evaluation and accreditation agency (A3ES), aims to promote autonomy and excellence in research in psychology with the highest international standards. It fosters both the development of applied research projects that address societal problems on a national or international scale, and advancements in fundamental research and theory development.

The program offers students diversified learning opportunities by conducting activities that promote the sharing of knowledge and regular discussion of work in progress. Apart from the close collaboration with their own supervisors, PhD students profit from critical and constructive feedback from an independent scientific consultant who regularly reviews their research progress.

The program also encourages the integration of students into the wide range of formal and informal international networks available through CIS-IUL and ISCTE-IUL, or to create their own networks. Furthermore, regular communication of their research to peers and the community is expected, through publication in books and scientific journals, and presentations at scientific conferences or seminars open to the general public. Most research projects are developed in collaboration with national and international research teams. Many students are co-supervised by international experts in the field and spend part of their time abroad. PhD students are also encouraged to use available international learning opportunities such as participation in international summer schools, specific external courses or internships.

The program’s faculty is highly qualified and internationally connected, with strong scientific productivity and highly ranked publications. Internal supervisors are committed to research, with projects in diverse areas of psychology including social and organizational, environmental, health, developmental, educational and community psychology, cognitive science and interdisciplinary research. The faculty members are skilled in a variety of research methodologies ranging from highly controlled experimental laboratory studies to large-scale field research and qualitative data analyses.

The program attracts strongly skilled and motivated students many supported by competitive doctoral grants of Portugal’s Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT).
PhD Program

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